National Puppy day March 23, 2021

I wondered what National puppy day entailed. No pun intended. It is a day that promotes adaption of puppies. Raising a puppy is as hard as raising a child but the training is quicker. Puppies need time, attention and love. They learn to obey and please.

I adopted an older puppy that was in an abusive situation. His name was Panda, but he didn’t respond to it. I renamed him Koke. He wagged his tail at the first mentioned of his new name. But It could have been the full bowl of food that I was holding.

Koke was an American Eskimo Spitz. He was white with a curly tail and black eyes about the size of nickels. He loved walks, running through the snow and chasing squirrels. He was a good companion but he was not a service dog.

If you have an interest in raising a puppy, but don’t have years to invest in a growing dog’s care, Paws with a Cause may be a way you can raise and train a service dog to be social and follow simple commands.

Our local news station have several puppies that they are raising and come with their trainers to work. This is the first of several places and people that will test, train and work to pair a dog and the dog’s skills with a person needing help. Puppy training is the first step for independence for a person with a disability.

Blind, hard of hearing, epileptic, physically challenged or non-verbal , there are more needs than trained dogs.

If you can’t spare time to train or adapt a puppy, this would be a good day to consider a donation of time or money to a local Humane Society. There are needs for food, toys and old blankets and towels. A donation of time to walk or play with dogs will help to keep them social.

Don’t forget about those kittens and cats. When you finally adapt an animal be sure you have your new pet spaded or neutered.




I am full of play and joy,

But when it is time to learn,

I work to earn praise and treats.

Between you and me, I like the praise the best.

I can sit, come and stay when commanded.

I will grow into a service dog who works for belly rubs. copyright 3/23/21

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