End of Lent March 30, 2021

The season of Lent closes this week. This is a time set aside to eat less, pray and meditate more and be charitable with our time, talent and treasure. The time was once explained as a swinging door. The door works with the best on the three hinges of prayer, fasting and alms giving. If only two hinges are in place the door is not as steady but will still work. with only one hinge, the door will fail.

Lent is not a uniform march to Easter. It is a series of starts, stops and re-starts. The time passes slowly. For some, they look at it as a New Years resolution ,giving up candy or a habit , a self improvement of the body. Lent is the humbling of one, for the good of another.

To get down and personal with sharing with family, friends and everyone you encounter through the day. To let the light shine through the cracks in the protective shell of your outer self and see glimpses of others through their cracks.

So take a chance. Attempt to see yourself as you were created and be prepared to be amased.




We are vessels holding all that we are.

Others near us are the same.

Each whole, but untouched.

How to share with others?

A crack forms in our clay,

letting in light and life from close by.

Light within us, moves from each cup.

More cracks start but no essence is lost.

Sharing the light and each other.

Not at a distance.

Sharing bits of lives,

light lost, found , shared.

Not at a distance,

we see others, face to face.


copyright 3-30-21

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