Fools Day April 1,2021

This is not my favorite holiday. Perhaps, it is because growing up, I was gullible and easily fooled. Even as an adult and mother, I was caught in one trick by my daughter. She would put flour in my coffee instead of creamer, salt instead of sugar for my cereal and sour candies in the candy dish. I couldn’t wait for the day to end.

The history of this day is unknowned and vary from country to country. India, France, Great Britian, Scotland and Germany all have a form of this holiday.

In France, the celebration is said to be traced to the 1500 hundreds when the country changed from the Julian calendar to the Gregorian calendar. This changed the start of the new year from Easter to the first of January. The people who clung to the old calendar were said to be fools. Today, children call fools new fish because they are easily caught. Pictures of fish are secretly pinned on friends as a prank.

In Scotland and India, the practice of pratical jokes and pranks happen over two days. March 31 and April 1st are the dates for the celebrations. Some believe that the changes in weather around spring equinox cause high spirits and pranks.

Whatever the history, this day is a day to blow off steam and stress by playing tricks on co-workers, family and bosses with little fear of retaliation.

I hope to go against the main stream and step in to be the fool while being kind to all I encounter today. An anti-fools day so to speak. I wonder what role you will choose for yourself?



No Fooling

Fools Day,

a time for tricks,

can be mean, Nasty and hurtful,

I will choose a different Path,the fool,

I’ll be.

copyright 4-1-21

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