Together, we can restore the earth April 20, 2021

This coming Wednesday is the 51st Earth Day. There will be a three days of digital groups of youth, educators and governments talking and working together to restore our home, the earth. This movement started as a reaction to a disaster. In 1969 in the Santa Barbara Channel. Senator Nelson from Wisconsin after veiwing the spill from a helicopter, thought that the time was right to involved activists in environmental issues. The first environmental day on polution was held in the spring of 1970. The teach in ,agenda was changed due to no one argueing for polution. The name “EarthDay” was thought up by Hayes, a advertising professional that thought of the slogan for Volkswagen, “think small”. He came with several slogans for the event . Earth Day was amoung them . He chose not to copyright the name so it could be used by all who wanted to have Earth Day activities.

This event went global in the 1990’s. The number of events are held over several days.

Last year, Earth Day was heald digitally. It had the largest number of participants .

This year the three day event starts today. Below is a link to the on line events, panels, discussions and programs. I hope you will find something of interest for you.



Mother Earth Day

We celebrate all sorts of special days.

Some are funny, such as goof off day.

Some are serious, like World Health Day.

None can be more serious than Mother Earth Day. Like children we have been given a gift.

Parts are broken and in need of repairs.

Only together, can we start to undo the harm we have caused.

To care must come before we can act as good stewards.

To give the gift of the earth to the next generation in better shape than when we received her.

copyright 4/20/21

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