A Mother’s Pride April 22, 2021

I was thinking of the stages of parenthood. First there is the arrival of a dependent baby. All needs met by the parents. Then the child learns skills, knowledge is accrued and IQ tested.

Your child is consider grown but not necessarily an adult.

As the child grows, the parents strength and thoughts processes may diminish. At some point, the child passes his or her parents. That happened to me this weekend. I was visiting my daughter and her husband. They were knowledgeable about technology, health and finances. I listened as Ruth spoke of her doctoral dissertation and defense of it today. The Corona virus has put the presentation on a Zoom call. I will be able to watch and wonder,”Is this really my child?”

Both my husband and I are proud of her. But that doesn’t make it easier to know her knowledge is way above our understanding.

I remember the growing years with nostalgia. I see the young woman standing before me and marvel at who she has become.

The credit must be shared by a live in Grandma, other family and friends, as well as the inner drive in her to succeed.

I thank God for the gift given to us. I pray for Ruth and Chris.

So, I will watch, smile and maybe shed a tear of joy and love.



An effervescent Statistician

She started her zoom presentation for her dissertation.

She looked calm and cool.

When she was asked a question about her statistics,

she was effervescent in her voice and manner.

Her hands were animated, gesturing to the white board.

When through, we applauded the newest Dr. Ruth.


copyright 4-22-21

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