World Oceans Day June 8, 2021

As a person born and bred in the Midwest, I don’t think of the world’s oceans often. I do have personal mental photos of interacting with portions of the worlds oceans.

I recall the fury and intensity of a storm while on a small boat. The boat bucking like a bronco fighting the waves.

I still see the ocean backing up to the eedge of the Sahara in northern Africa. The contrast of golden sand dunes next to sky blue waters.

The gentle waves of the Pacific lapped at the Hawaiian Islands, due in part of the reef that surround each island.

To watch the ocean by the western shores of the us and Canada become colder with icebergs floating by before reaching the Willians Sound. To realize what a jewel this piece of ocean is, teaming with marine life.

I have swam off the Florida Keys. Warm shallow water surrounding each Key. The water was smooth as blue ice.

Off the shore of Myrtle Beach we almost lost our toddler to a rogue wave. We jumped back but Grandma raced in to rescue the girl.

We traveled on the Northern Atlantic, recliners were provided to encourage passengers to stay seated for the rough crossing.

Finally, I remember the short taxi boat to Ellis Island to veiw the Statue of Liberty. The beaches had large amounts of debris washed on the shoreline.

On reflection, I have interacted with the oceans more that I first thought.

We are all affected by the oceans with climate, pollution and ecosystems. 71 % of our earth is covered with water. To ignore such a vast resource sould be foolish. Today the United Nations will celebrate and inform about the need to preserve the world’s oceans. Starting at 10am, There will be speakers and films highlighting oceans of the world. Learn more in this second virtual conference at.

United Nations World Oceans Day 2021: Life & Livelihoods



Mother Ocean

She nurtures life within her depths

The rolling waves cradle new life.

From the smallest plankton to the blue whale, all find sanctuary there.

But an evasive being uses the oceans as a dump.

Discarding plastic, and paper into her embrace.

She can only wash the refuse up on shores.

Trying to keep it from her family.

We can give a hand to clean her.

To keep her whole.

Before our world is changed forever. Copyright 6/8/21

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