School’s Out June 10, 2021

As a child, my summer vacation was divided into two sections. Time at home or time at a cottage.

My parents would rent a cottage on one of the many smaller lakes in the upper lower peninsula . We would pack food, kids and fishing equipment into the brown station wagon. As we grew, a second car was taken.

A cottage that I recall was on Black Lake in Cheboygan. I had a small sand beach to dig and explore the water edge. Finding smalll snail shells to decorate my sand creations, I would play happily for hours.

There was a boat with the cottage and my Dad brought a motor to take us fishing.

We were not allowed to get into the boat without adult supervision.

One summer, my oldest brother brought a college friend to visit overnight. His name was Santa rye. He was from Nepal and never had seen large lakes before.

In the morning, he decided to take the boat out onto the lake. My little brother Brian went along. Brian saw bob’s friend as an adult.

Neither of them had lifejackets nor could either swim. By the time my Dad saw the boat missing from the mooring, Santa had rowed the boat far from the shore.

My Dad frantically waved his arms to get Santa’s attention. I recall Santa standing up in the boat to wave in return. My Dad stopped waving and gestured for Santa to sit down and to stop rocking the boat.

Both he and my Mother watched helplessly until the two returned to the shore.

After that, there were some revisions to the boat rules

A rainy day at the cottage was fun in a different way. The cabin had a large number of books and board games. I would play a game if asked , but I perfered to curl in a rocker, wrapped in a old throw to lose myself in the adventure of a new book.

All to soon, the cottage time was over and we repacked the cars to head home. after that summer , Dad made sure both Brian and myself took swimming lessons at the Northville Swim Club.

Whether swimming in a pool or a lake, be sure to practice safe swimming with a buddy.



Lake Swimming

The water is cold and moving in waves.

The bottom can change from sand to grassy plants or mud.

Small fish tickle and mibble at my toes.I long for the safety and a dull pool swim.

But the adventure of the lake swim ,draws me back.

You can’t find shells and smooth stones in a pool.

Carol Farnsworth


copyright 6/10/21

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