Woman’s Equality Day, August 26, 2021

This day was established to commemorate the signing of the nineteenth amendment, guaranteeing women the right to vote.

The day, August 26th was designated in 1973 as Women’s Equality Day by Congress to honor women working to pass the Equal Rights Amendment. From President Richard Nixon to the current president, the executive branch has issued a proclamation recognizing contributions of women’s past and current achievements. Women continue to gain recognization in all sectors of American life.

I am glad for this holiday, but I wonder about other marginalized individuals. Where are the holidays celebrating LBGT’s, Hispanics, Blacks, Orientals, mentally challenged, physically and emotionally challenged to name a few. I believe that by breaking up people into tiny compartments, we lose the value of each individual. We have a long way to travel to be equal. May we continue to walk the path to accepting others we meet in our lives.

Viva Equality!



Equality For All

I pledge myself, to equality for all.

I must first accept myself, to reflect my wholeness.

With acceptance of self,

I can extend acceptance to others.

Acceptance blooms into the an equality bouquet .


Copyright 8/26/2021

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