Look around you August 31, 2021

We are bombarded with scenes of refugees in Afghanistan and we shake our heads saying, “Our help will never get there in time.”

We see the devastation of hurricane Ida and we wonder what we would do if we were there? Would we flee or hunker down to wait out the storm?

The small Island of Haiti has been struck with an earthquake followed by a tropical storm. We are asked to give for relife help but wonder if the funds will be given to those afflicted?

I agree that we should give to help others and allow God to do his work. But what about looking closer to home?

In the heat of the summer, My Dad watched for the garbage men and their truck. He would bring out cold drinks for the workers. They would talk for a few minutes as they emptied their drinks. My Dad was able to know their names and they in turn would pick up a large item put out by my house.

In a grocery store , are we so focus on getting in and out that we fail to see the package dropped . Do we stop to pick it up? Or walk by.

Do we see the senior trying to reach an item on the top shelf? Do we help with a smile?

Do we wish each a good morning or state, “It is a beautiful day.” even if it is storming.

Seeing a harried mother with several children, do we smile and entertain the smallest one in the grocery basket, to allow her time to regroup?

You may ask, how can this help people half way around the world? Small kindnesses are like a small stone dropped into a still pond. The ripple effect seen is simular and more acts of kindness will follow. Eventually, the ripples will spread and intersect to touch all corners of the world. One kindness at a time.



A prayer Shawl

I was given a pattern for a prayer shawl.

The paper was blank.

“What is this, a joke?”

“No, there is no set pattern to prayers.”

was the answer.

“But what stitches do I make?”

“Your stitches will be inspired by the prayer and intentions.”

was the responce.

I started to knit thinking about the person that would need this shawl.

I created a basket stitch around the boarder to hold in the prayers.

In the middle I made seed and popcorn stitches to represent small and longer prayers.

As I worked, I relaxed and let the knitting happen.

It was a work of love.


copyright 8/31/2021

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