A Home For All, September 28

From September first to October fourth has been set aside as a time for creation, for caring for all people and living things, and to practice radical hospitality.

In other words, we as a caring global community are called on to practice renewing, recycling and restoring mother earth. We also need to conseve resources.

As a blind person, I keep the heavy inserts that come in advertisements . Using a slate and stylus I braille notes for myself. The printing doesn’t matter with braille. Then they can be recycled with other papers and flyers.

Looking for places to recycle can be difficult for me. My small town has a clean up day twice a year. At the clean up center, there are bins for recyclables. I start to gather recyclables a month or two before the clean up date. Aluminum foil, newspapers, crushed clean cans, glass and plastic milk containers are gathered. I will collect these items a month or two before the clean up day for the collection.

The earth is a home to many animals and birds. I have a low watering trough that deer and birds can drink from. Migrating birds have suet and seeds for food, to help get ready to migrate or stay through the winter.

Whenever possible I take cloth bags to grocery shopping. It reduces the use of plastic one use bags.

I keep different sizes of cardboard to incert with braille letters to protect the braille in the mail. I keep different sizes of large enevlopes to reuse for mailing. The envelopes can be cut down to fit the sent item.

We can acknowledge the example that native peoples have demonstrated for the environmen. Cooperating with nature rather than being at odds with her.

Finally as we do all we can in our corner of the world to practice radical hospitality, may we pray for and write to our government officals to encourage practices that will conserve the earth for our children and grandchildren. This is our only home. Be kind , and clean up your mess!**********


Lynda Lambert wrote a new review of my book, “Leaf Menories” on her blog last week. She is an accomplished writer, poet and artist. Please visit her blog at https://www.lyndalambert.com/book-review-leaf-memories-carol-farnsworth/

Lynda liked this haiku from the fall section of the book.


red seed pods

amid rosy leaves

stand tall


copyright 9-29-2021

One thought on “A Home For All, September 28

  1. Carol, I read the book review by Ms. Lambert and am so proud of you! Your gift of writing impressed her as much as it does me. I love the Leaf Memories book and treasure the fact that I have an autographed copy!


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