A Fiddler on the Roof, September 30, 2021

We are having a new roof put on our house. Bright and early on Wednesday morning, we were greeted with five young people on our roof. They scraped the old shingles off and prepared the surface for new one.

But I was not prepared for the mixed signals that walking, scraping and pounding gave a blind person. Normally, I listen and feel the virbrations of walking towards me to tell me my husband was coming. I would turn to see what he wanted. Wednesday, I heard multiple feet in many places. My listening was overloaded!

I thought back to the musical, “Fiddler On The Roof.” The noise reminded me of the line, “Our lives are as precarious as a fiddler on the roof.” It doesn’t take much change to upset our day.

We are comfortably set in our ways. Perhaps we need a change in our day to shake us up.

I went through the day with more awareness of what who and what was going around me. Not only at home but when we left later in the day, the awareness continued.

Each of us need to be shaken out of our complacency.

I wouldn’t suggest the extreme of a new roof but trying to start the being mindful of what is around you rather than staying in your head. To be in the body and the here and now is harder than it seems.

To live in the moment can be a challenge. There will be time to think, recall and remember. Enjoy each minute of your lives. Even the fiddler’s music on your roof.



Silence is golden , or so they say.

I can have silence anytime.

I turn off my hearing aids.

But I would miss the bird calling the woods.

Children laughing on the way to school

Even the workers on the roof.

I would miss living, for the moment of silence.


copyright 9/30/ 2021

2 thoughts on “A Fiddler on the Roof, September 30, 2021

  1. Reblogged this on My Corner and commented:
    After reading today’s shared post, you probably won’t get that tune out of your head right away. Through her prose and poetry, Carol offers insight on being aware of your surroundings, especially if your vision is limited or nonexistent. Enjoy!


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