O Scary Night,October,12, 2021

Each year we decorate the outdoors for All Hallows day or better known as Halloween. Not for us a simple gravestone and a couple of skeltons. We have thought of a different tableau for over 23 years.

Like stage sets, the displays are best viewed from the road.They don’t hold up under close scrutiny. Most hand made items end up in November’s garbage.

So, what can you do with a couple of skeletons, some bones and lights?

My theater staging kicks in to show a scene. For this year, We discussed a blood drive. It would be hard to see from the road. Skeletons have no blood. John came up with a bone drive.

We found a large black planter on clearence. Building a tripod, we used chains to hang the pot for collected bones.

A tall skeleton stands besides the pot, ringing a bell.

A large sign in the shape of a tombstone proclaims in cutout red letters, “bone drive today.” The top of the sign has a half dozen raven skeletons.

There are several skeletons bringing spare bones to the collection pot.

A small skeleton is walking her skelton dog on a leash and harness. The parts of the staging are lit with spotlights and colored lights at night. )See photo below)

Some of other displays were; The American Gothic with dressed up skeletons in a field of corn, a pirate ship hung with Mardi gras beads, Tahitian dancers tiki lamps with Tahitian drumming and a large rocking horse that rocked by itself.

Nothing scarey, just some fun to bring that second look from a child or adult.

Below are several scenes from past years. We will stop when we run out of ideas.


copyright 10-12-2021

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