A giveaway and book Review, October 14, 2021

I am sitting here at my desk after finishing a fellow author’s book, “Why Grandma Doesn’t Know Me.” But first , I want to tell you of an opportunity to put your name in for a drawing for my signed chapbook,”Leaf Memories.” Go to


Just go to the site of the Handy uncapped pen and write a comment or put your name and email under the cover photo of Leaf Memories, to have your name in the drawing. While you are there, check out this blog source for writers with disabilities.

Now to my review of Abbie Taylor’s newest novel. The title refers to one of the characters, a Grandma with dementia . She fails to recognize one of her grandaughters. In a moment of clarity, she reveals a family secret that threatens to change the family forever.

I was in the room with Natalie when her Grandma in a moment of memory identifies her grandaughter and reveals a secret involving Natalie. I was a aide, listening at the door as the scene unfolded.

Later, the family members saying good bye to Grandma were touching. The character of the priest was used to prompt Marti and Daryl, to give Marti’s permission for mom to pass on. Daryl was asked to play Santa for his younger daughter’s Christmas party at her school

New people are added to the core family structure, threatening to topple years of lies. The characters are able to evolve and change, especially the oldest daughter Natalie.

A young puppy, found in the park adds humor and nostalgia for remembered and loved pets.

Ms. Taylor has woven a story using the perspective of the different characters. I was enthralled to the end.

To read more about this and other books by Abbie Taylor visit her author’s page at https://www.abbiejohnsontaylor.com/




There are writers that write to amuse.

Others keep secrets in their diaries .

Some doodle with funny musings and thoughts.

The brave ones boldly put their writings in print.

for the world to read.

They are the authors.


copyright 10/14/21

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