Brian Patrick Turnbull October 19, 2021

As far as I can remember, my family was divided into the three older boys and myself and my younger brother Brian. There was a wide span of years between my oldest brother Bob and Brian.

Bob tells a story that he was called to the high school office to be told that he had a new brother. He was fifteen years old at the time. Like the other two brothers, they were soon gone to college and didn’t get to know their youngest sibling.

I was six years older and considered Brian my live baby doll. I was allowed to bath, diaper and change his clothes, with supervision. I would entertain him for hours, singing all the nursery songs. As a baby, his crib was in my room.

When he woke in the night , I would comfort him. If he awoke early in the morning, I would put down the side of the crib and cuddle with him in my bed. This created a close bond that comtinues to this day.

We shared the love of music. Brian was a good piano and later the trumpet. We would sing popular tunes of the 60’s and 70’s. We would sit for hours harmonizing while Brian improvized on the piano.

Like his older brothers, Brian excelled at sports. He was a swimmer, competing in the breast stroke and the butterfly. Later, he was a running back for a junior league football. He was good at catching and running with the ball.

That running had him join the cross country runners and track and field. Brian preferred the longest distances. He was always able to put on a burst of speed to end the race.

He and his best friend , John Monagle, did all the sports together. John became my second younger brother.

Brian had an early love of cars, especially of new Fords. He would know when a new arrival of Fords had been delivered. He would cajole our Dad to take hin to the Ford dealers and check out the vehicles.

When I got my first job, I needed new wheels, Brian read the used car section in the paper to find the perfect car. I think he was looking for an exciting set of wheels to borrow. Most of his selections, I rejected. Until he found a yellow Trans Am. I went with my Dad for a test drive. and I liked the way it handled. When I returned home,

“Well, what do you think of the car?” Brian asked.

“I like it, I am going to buy it.”

“Really, I will wash and wax it weekly and do the maintenance.”

The first week I had the car, Brian and John had an accident and he spent the rest of the summer fixing it.

We have always forgiven each other and shared many good conversations.

Last week, I had a strange conversation with him on the phone. I was relating my husband’s and I wiping out on the tandem bike. He started to tell of breaking his collar bone and ribs while body surfing. As I got off the plone, I realized our topics had changed with aging but the closeness and love will always be there.

Happy Birthday brother!



Mr Mayor

You saw the service that our Grandfathers and Dad gave the their home town.

After twenty years of helping and caring for Dad, you had time on your hands.

You saw a need in the town that you loved.

Running for Mayor you were pitched into lock down due to Corona.

You kept the town informed with weekly updates and historical facts.

Now you have been relected. What will you do next.

I see Dad and Mom, smiling down at you.

copyright 10/19-21

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