National Pumpkin Day October 26, 2021

With coolness, there is frost on the pumpkin. Time to smell warming Pumpkin faces lit with candles. The sights of fall.

On our bike travels, I have smelled the aroma of pumpkins being cooked and processed for the past two months.

On the rails to trails from Montague to Hart MI, there is a large plant that has piles of pumpkins to be process into pumpkin pie filling. One can watch pumpkins conveyed up to the top of the building. The piles of the orange veggies don’t shrink as more trucks wait patiently in line to unload their cargo. When the wind blows from the northwest, the cooked pumpkin can be detected for miles.

The purpose of pumpkin day is a time to go and select a pumpkin or two from pumpkin patches. The rule when I was a child was,”If you carry it out, you can have it.”You would be amazed how heavy those pumpkins got!

This past weekend we went up to The Great Pumpkin growing area. I was on the quest for the biggest one my husband and I could carry and load into our truck. I had a mental memory of one of my family sitting in a cute pumpkin as a baby.

If you haven’t gotten your pumpkin yet, what are you wanting for? This is a banner year for large specimens of the orange vegtable. Go find a field, explore and find the one that calls to you. Have a little fum for October 31st.



Plump and ripe it waits for you.

Under drying leaves and vines.

Many will not make the cut.

Pushed and mulched back into the ground.

Kids will pick the biggest one

I smile and help carry it.

Nothing like playing in the home of the Great Pumpkin.


copyright 10/26/2021

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