The Yooper Peninsula, October 28, 2021

The upper Peninsula’s nickname is Yooper Country. The land situated between Lake Superior on the North and Lakes Michigan and Huron on the south is far different from the lower peninsula by lifestyle and politics. An independent surrounded by natural beauty and lake shores.

I have always found Whitefish Point a wild shoreline ,anchored by the Whitefish lighthouse. The rugged point has been the site for many a ship wreck. The lake is so cold that it is said that Superior never gives up it’s dead.

We went there early to see the sun rise. While on the point, we photographed a picture of a large freighter crossing the point. The currents and wave action makes this a dangerous sailing before the ship makes safe harbor in Soo Saint Marie, where the lake locks are located to allow ships into the lower lakes.

The morning I was on the beach at the point, the sand was littered with many ovel shaped stones all rounded by the wave actions.

I discovered that the Kirtland Warbler lays her clucth of eggs in the open on the beach. Her eggs look very much like the stones and are camouflaged from predators looking for eggs. The point is closed to people during the nesting season.

The morning I was there, the wind was strong enough to blow my hat off my head. The White caps were seen off shore and the breaking waves were three to four footers. The lake was crystal, icey blue.. The water was too cold to put your feet or hands in. They soon became numb and blue with the cold.

Why does this place draw me back time and again? It is the ancient play of waves, sand and stone to redefine the shore. The changes are in years but to the casual visiter, the area is timeless.

On this page is a photo of the point with a freaghter passing. Another photo is of the lighthouse all white and three stories high. It’s light can be seen in Canada on the far shore, five miles away.

I think of past travelers to these shores and I worry for the future of such wild natural places.

I return from this place centered and renewed.



Lake Superior

Dark waters,

cold and deep in it’s depths.

Bordered by two countries.

Large waves slap the shores.

Depositing bits of the past on It’s beaches.

Could be a fresh water sea.

Source for Indian lore.

One travels it with apprehension.

The largest of the Great Lakes.

copyright 28 2021

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