Call a Friend Day December 28,2021

There are two informal holidays that interest me today. The first is call a friend day. I imagine that many of you have done this in the past several weeks. But what about that email or card that appeared from someone that you haven’t thought of for months or years?

I have several old friends and relatives that have reached out to me this season but I haven’t return the favor. I hate to make cold calls out of the blue. I even put off calls to apple support until I have tried every solution I can think of.

The reason I don’t enjoy calls is my hearing, or lack of it. If I am honest with myself, I know that I can use a speaker phone or my blue tooth that talks directly into my hearing aids. So why am I so hesitant?

What can I say to people that I no longer know? I need to change my mind set. Calling to say hello is not about me. It is about the person that reached out to me. They may want a sounding board, a connection with the past or a confirmation that I am still alive.

So I will look through my contacts to place a long overdue call. I may find that I may even enjoy it.

The second informal holiday is play a card game day. Though I could play solitare with my braille cards, maybe I could invite a couple to come and play cards. Playing a game is a good way to have conversation about the game and what is going on in each other’s lives.

So today, I will call friends, to make a date to visit. Yes, I will bring a deck or two of cards. Deal!



Let Your Fingers do the Walking

Let your fingers do the walking through the contacts.

they will run down the list.

To find a long lost friend. Let the fingers do the dialing.

To touch another with a friendly hello.

Even if you get voice mail, you have touched them.

You may be surprized with the results.

Happy calling.

copyright 12/28/21

4 thoughts on “Call a Friend Day December 28,2021

  1. This is a great post. One of the best things to help me come out of my comfort zone where calling others is concerned has been the ACB Community calls.
    And, there are several who attend that, which have hearing difficulties.
    We even have a Blindness and More call for those who have multiple disabilities.
    PS. I’d just like to say, I love your work. You and I had miscommunications and got off on the wrong foot but if you’re willing to try again, I’d love to see if we can work together.
    Since you’ve a blog it would be amazingly easy.
    Have a super day.


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