You can’t take it with you. March 19, 2022

Good morning fellow writers. It is great to be in the world and solving problems such as, where did I leave my notes on my poems

or what is the subject of the new Spring poem?

I find that working with words is harder than practicing thoughts. The good news is , I have slowed down in my typing to catch some of the errors.

Today, the weather is cloudy and rain is expected. I feel the light breeze caressing the hairs on the back of my neck. Hearing the spring bird courting melodies interweaving to awaken spring.

I struggle to think of the season while new thoughts and connections stream through my memory.

So I will gather my thoughts and string them into a tale.

5 thoughts on “You can’t take it with you. March 19, 2022

  1. Welcome back, dear sister

    A joy to read your thoughts as you work hard

    at memory and all cognitive functions. Great to get your blogs again.



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