Spring cleaning, March 31, 2020 125 words

Most of us schedule spring cleaning after a long winter. This year, I have mental spring cleaning for my thoughts .

Usually, I will have several thoughts or ideas on my mental burner. Not so any more. I must work to complete a thought or a story. If i don’t finish the article, I run the risk of losing the whole story.

The time I decide to write has a bearing on whether the story makes sense. I do my best writing in the early morning.

Yesterday I tried to write to my cousin. I couldn’t form a greeting, much less write a short note.

It is simular to running out of virtual gas. I have to put the pen down and relax.

When the number of spelling errors increase, It is a signal to stop.

I try to limit the time I spend writing. This is the worst writer’s block I have ever had.

Wishing all my writing friends creative writing and no blocks.



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