May Day, May 2, 2022

I have always felt a lightening of the spirit as the month of May approaches. As a small girl, my Mother allowed me to pick all the violets I could hold. They grew wild on the north side of our garage. picking the blue buds along with yellow dandelions, created a sunny bouquet.

I would take a group of the wild flowers to the statue of Mary displayed outside our church. I would lay my floural offering at the feet of Mary.

My brother Bob and I enjoyed listening to records of Musicals. One of my favorites was Camelot. In the story there is a song called the Lusty Month of May. I didn’t have a clue why it was called that but I enjoyed the antics of Guenivere and the knights of the round table frolicking in the woods picking flowers.

Today I will walk my small woods and pick wild flowers as I did in my youth.

Enjoy your Spring also!

Lylics from the song Lusty Month of May.

Tra la It’s May

The lusty month of May

That darling month when everyone throws self control away.

It’s time to do a wretched thing or two

And try to make each precious day

One you will always rue

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