Mother’s Day Memories, May 9th 2022

Mother’s Day is full of memories. When I was young, my Mother just wanted a day to take a sunbath after a week of five active kids. My Dad wanted to get her something grand. One year, he brought home a boat for Mother’s day. Mom took one look at the old boat and told him to take it back. She was a poor swimmer and was afraid of the water.

Another Mother’s Day, he brought two twin kittens for the family. Mom refused to allow them into the house. Instead, she had Dad make a pen in the backyard with a shelter for them. They disappeared within a week.

Mom had both sets of grandparents to celebrate the day. No wonder that my mom opted to take some time for herself ,laying in the sun. The doctors had told her to get sun on the large bones in her upper legs to absorb

vitamin D. Later celebrations, had Dad cooking hamburgers and hot dogs while Mom prepared the rest of the cookout food.

I tried to make her something from my craft items. Often if was layered with glue and colorful yarn to hold items for her desk.

Later I discovered how much she loved the memories of those simple gifts.

Cleaning out her drawers after she passed, I found a round tin box that was painted black and had a flower painted on the top. It still held bobby pins fiftty years later.

So this Year, I asked for a flower to plant in my yard and I made a visit to the gravesite of my parents to pray and thank God for them. Happy Belated Mother’s Day.


“Mary, Mother of God, help me”, my mom is heard to say.

Often working into the night to prepare for a celebration.

Taking each child’s needs into account.

Her thoughts are for their needs not hers.

Each day she works to make a pleasant home for the family.

Roses now grow on her grave.

Remembered each year with blossoms of May

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