How does a blind gardener locate, plant and maintain a garden space? Depending on your ability and desire for seasonal plants, most people can enjoy fresh produce. I have a small garden space enclosed to prevent animals from gathering the greenery. I plant cucumbers on a trellis so the fruit hangs down and forms long ccucumbers that are easily found. My vegetables include green beans, aspargus, peppers and and Indian corn. only the asparagus comes up each year. When I had some vision I planted purple beans because I could use the color to locate the beans on the plant. Now I plant pole beans and locate the beans by touch. Asparagus is picked in the late spring by cutting the spears at ground level . They will grow more spears until the weather turns hot. The plant is allowed to grow and mature to produce a feathery plant producing energy for next year’s crop.

Each season, I try growing a new plant. This year, I started Indian corn for fall decorating and feeding the squirrels. The whole garden has a canapy of growing bittersweet. This protects the young plants from getting too much direct sunlight.

On the back porch, I have containers of catnip, basel and cherry tomatoes to use in cooking and making pesto. Beside the pordch, grows chives, mint and lavender for aroma therapy and relaxing.

I will explore with my husband to discover new plants that appear. This year, I found several morel mushrooms growing on our hill near the steps. They can be cleaned and frozen until there are enough for a meal.

I have found a lenten rose in the woods transplanted by a bird to that spot. On the exploring John and I will make notes on new plants to check their progress in the season to come.

A note about weeding. The container garden is easy to weed. The new growth on the edge of the container is probably weeds. If a plant grows tall and feels different than the other plands in the container, they don’t belong.

The plants will attract birds and bees to pollinate your small garden. The aromas from growing herbs create another layer of sensations to enjoy.

So If you start with one plant or a small garden, enjoy the time outside with your plants.


A seed planted

grows with sun and water

into a delight.


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