Favorite Flavor June 20, 2022 Under 200 words

When I was little, my favorite flavor was chocolate. Being one of five children, I was limited to getting chocolate on holidays and my birthday. Chocolate made me happy.

I was born with glaucoma. Twice a year, I had to have an eye exam and my eye pressure checked. The doctor wanted an easy patient, so I was put to sleep with ether. I was nauseous and tired after the appointment. I still feel sick if I smell ether to this day.

We drove from a small town to the larger Ann Arbor area. I had never seen people of different skin colors before these hospital visits. I saw a rainbow of people, but I didn’t say anything to my mother.

We went into the waiting areaehere I saw a black man dressed in scrubs .

“I want the chocolate doctor.”

I knew that chocolate was good and didn’t hurt. So a chocolate doctor would not hurt me.

The janitor smiled at me. After my appointment, he came back to give me a piece of chocolate candy.

My white doctor didn’t take the time to calm a frightened child, but a kind janitor and his smile helped me feel better. That and a little chocolate!



Choice of most children.

Helps chase away the fear.

One man saw a frighten child.

Care fully, he opened my hand.

On my palm, he placed a piece of chocolate.

Looking up, I saw him smile.

A friendly face.

The terror was gone.

Ending the appointment with a piece of chocolate.

carolfarn@aol.com 6/20/2022

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