A Cookie for all Seasons, Rockies, December 26th 2022 215 words

Christmas Rockies were the last cookie selection I made this year. This a favorite of the whole family. It is filled with walnuts and dates. John talks of his Grandmother Helen making small loaves of a bread. For years, he thought this was fruit cake. Now, we make cookies instead of the cakes.
We have made another cookie, named Chinese Stony’s . These were a round hard ball of dough. The recipe made many dozen of the small hard balls. John jokes that he and his brothers fed the last of these morsels to their dog. Mike, a mixed breed mutt was always hungry. The boys tossed the unwanted cookies until Mike’s belly was distended and he could hold no more.
The Christmas Rockies resembled small rocky hills. They remained soft and chewy until they were gone.
One of my Mother’s friends always sent her a gift of special dates for the holidays. Half of the dates were dusted with powder sugar. The other half were dates stuffed with a large pecans. I have associated this treat with Christmas for years.
Attached is the audio file for the last holiday cookie. Enjoy the aromas and tastes of the season. Talk to family and friends to hear about their special holiday food memories. A taffy pull anyone?.

carolaspot@aol.com 12-26-22

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