New Year’s day 2023 481 words

Happy New Year’s Day to all my readers. I wish to thank you for taking a virtual flight on Blind on the lite side. It is hard to believe that I am begining my 5th year as a blogger. Whether you are an occasional traveler or a regular visiter, I wish to thank you for making my blog a part of your weekly schedule. I will do my best to amuse, inform and entertain you in 2023.
For my husband and myself, New Year’s Eve and New Year’s Day was a time to retire early. John worked on the equipment that sorted the mail. This was a time to do maintenance of the equipment. His work hours were 6 am to 3:30 pm. Often, he would volunteer to work holidays so others could enjoy the day with their families. We were in bed by 8:30 pm.
Not so with John’s mom and our daughter Ruth. For many years we would host a sleep over for a half dozen of Ruth’s friends. They would have special snacks and sparkling juice toasting the new year at midnight.
Grandma helped by buying noisemakers and legal fireworks for the girls to use to welcome the new year. They decorated the trees in our backyard with rolls of cheap toilet paper and confetti poppers. The only request, was to help with cleanup before they left on January first.
Grandma’s family had hosted a New Year’s party for many years. Hosting the party for Ruth’s friends brought fond memories and created others.
One year, John bought fireworks that shot up in the air. He lined them up on our back stone wall. That year, we had a covering of snow to prevent the dry leaves from starting a fire.
With Grandma gone and Ruth moved into her own home, John and I may watch the ball drop in Times Square after the last of the Christmas movies we love. I find I fall asleep cuddled next to john on the couch. We remind each other of good times from past years. Toasting the next year with non-alcoholic wine. We will raise a glass to all our family and friends on this night. May 2023 b e a blessed year for all of us.

Out With the Old, In with the New

Opening my closet, I remove clothes that no longer fit. Matching tops and bottoms to find outfits. I search the desk drawers to discard unwanted items.
I bag useful items for the resale shop. Old magazines and papers are place in the bin
They will be recycled as insulation in walls.
Slowly I am downsizing my possessions, offering them to family and friends.
I came into this world with nothing and I will take nothing with me, only the love of others and a life well lived.
Carol Farnsworth Jan. 2023 copyrighted 2023


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