White and Gray January 9th , 2023 259 words

This time of the year is filled with dark cloudy days. Cold blasts roll from Lake Michigan to deposit freezing rain or snow, depending on the temperature.
I long for the occasional glimpse of a hazy sun behind clouds. Daylight last less than eight hours a day. When I had daylight driving restrictions, I would drive to and from work as soon as I could see. I would experience daylight only on the weekends.
Though I no longer see true light, the memory of day after day of dark filled precipitation , promotes melancholy in my actions. Usually, I can imagine a warmer and brighter world. Today I am at a loss to know day from night. My family and friends wonder how I know the difference. I must listen to hear the chirping of birds at the feeder or barking of squirrels , waiting their turn at the water trough.
The weather person has predicted a sunny weekend. I will sit on my porch and feel the sun’s warmth to recharging my mental batteries. Storing the sun in my face, I am ready for another string of cloudy days. January can’t last more than thirty one days.

Clouds and Sun

“What are you doing?”
I turn to the voice and smile.
“I am feeling the warmth of the sun.”
“It is below freezing!”
Still smiling, I reply,”I can feel the sun.”
“How do you feel clouds?”
Thinking before I reply,”I feel the frozen moisture in the air.”
We both sit to feel the day.

carolaspot@aol.com January 9th 2023

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