Old Bones, February 27, 2023 320 words

For years, my daughter Ruth and I would stand back to back to measure our height and see who was the taller. For years, I was inches taller as Ruth would stand on tip toes, wear thick soled shoes and pull on my arm to measure up.
Last week measured ourselves again. To my chagrin, I was the shorter one.
“Are you in heels?”
“No Mom, I am in stocking feet.”
I stretched but I was on the shorter end of the measuring. When did this happen?
“Mom, You have both hips replaced and you had a broken pelvis.”
I had noticed my pants were hanging over my shoes. I was shrinking!.. My old bones were brittle and broke easily. Each break shrank my my height. At one time, I was just shy of 5′ 7”. Using the measuring tape, Ruth reported I was a mere 5′ 3”. “Four inches!” how did this happen?
This was a wake up call to exercise and take my extra calcium. Remembering both my parents and grand parents, I vowed to keep my bones healthy. These old bones must serve me for a little longer.


“Them bones, them bones, them dry bones”
Hear the work of the Lord
Da head bone connected to da neck bone.
Da neck bone connected to da shoulder bone.
Da shoulder bone connected to da chest bone.
Da chest bone is connected to da rib bones.
Da rib bones connected to da back bone.
Da back bone connected to da hip bone
Da hip connected to da leg bone.
Da leg bone connected to da ankle bone.
Da ankle connected to da foot bone.
See the work of the Lord”
Old Negro Spiritual

my bones are old, dry.
Soft spacers between spinal are flatten.
bone rubs bone in the column.
I feel the rub.
I stretch and I am glad I can.

February 27, 2023

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