Homeward Bound February 20, 2023 424 words

Most stories have a beginning, a middle and an ending. John came home from the rehab center on Tuesday afternoon. Tired and thin, He stood to give me a large hug.
“It’s good not to be tethered.”
“What do you mean?”
John smiled ,”I tried to leave the floor twice.”
I looked at the bracelet on his wrist. It was a tracking devise.
“How many times did you attempt to leave?”
Shrugging, he remarked,”Several, I lost count.”
He added,”I wanted to come home to you.”
I was happy to have him home, but worried he would have an adverse reaction to the new drug. I wondered if Ruth and I could handle an outburst. I witnessed two such outbursts in the center. I heard second hand about three others. Putting my trust in the doctors and my husband, I welcomed him home.
The first challenged was ordering and getting prescriptions filled. Ruth had changed drugs to Amazon pharmacy to have the drugs mailed to our home . The hospital sent the first bath to our local Meijer. Ruth had to drive to the store twice to fill all of the prescriptions.
The next task was to place the drugs in pill holders that were labeled morning and evening . Several of the pills were the same size and shape., making it it difficult for me to help.
Ruth sorted the pills, allowing me to feel the size and shape of each pill. After the initial thirty days, all of the prescriptions will be transferred to our
Amazon account.
With Ruth’s assistance, I have a Shiptt account to order groceries and have them delivered to our front door. Working with the website, I can scroll through a list of groceries and select items we need.
On Monday, I will pay the housekeeper online. including a tip for good service.
We have friends and neighbors that are helping with snow removal and rolling the trash to the end of the drive. Quite a price to regain our independence. Thanks to all who helped us along this journey.

Getting By

“I get by with a little help from my friends.” John Lennon

I call a friend to no to chat but to ask for some flour.
I ran out in the middle of making quiche.
I order a razor so John can shave safely.
Friends bring meals to augment our meals.
Many distant friends offer support and prayers for recovery.
I am grateful for the help from our family and friends.
carolaspot@aol.com February 20, 2023

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