March 24th Distant Socializing

Distant SocializingOn Saturday, I was listening to people from New York and San Francisco about how they were coping with sheltering in place. I heard a father use a term that resonated with me. “Distant Socializing “ or to be precise, Reaching out by the virtual methods of communication that we have . Go throughContinue reading “March 24th Distant Socializing”

March 16, 2020 Social Distancing

Social DistancingI hear this phrase and it brings others to mind.”Marginalizing “ No Physical hugging, kissing or hand shakes. Eye contact communication only.This brings an interesting dilemma to mind. Blind, hearing impaired, physically challenged and mentally challenged can’t follow the rules. As a blind individual, I locate a speaker by touching them. Now, I mustContinue reading “March 16, 2020 Social Distancing”

March 12, 2020

Happy early Pi Day. I wrote this Pi poem for my daughter, who is a statistician . Thank you Ruth for helping me set this blog. StatisticsScrollDown the lap topscreen.Fingers dance over keys,producing large and colorful graphsshowingall the variables,In the standard mean.highlightedin iridescentcolors green, red , yellow and blue.beautiful to behold,colors obscured the meaningbut theyContinue reading “March 12, 2020”