June 30 2020 Times will Never be the same

One hundred years ago commercial radio exploded in large cities and surrounding towns. In Detroit othe station WJR started broadcasting in May of 1922. My Grandfather wired and hooked up speakers to bring the miracle of radio to his small town. Friends and neighbors came to witness.Whether this new radio would work in their smallContinue reading “June 30 2020 Times will Never be the same”

June 11, 2020 What does a blind person put on their screensaver?

I was asked what does a blind person put on their screen saver? I had to think about this. My latest one is a picture of my two year old niece wearing a poncho that I knitted for her.. I have pictures of my fiber art work and photos of my brother, Mike and myContinue reading “June 11, 2020 What does a blind person put on their screensaver?”

June 9,2020 Food for Thought

I have been thinking of food lately. So this blog will be about food and poetry.Poetry is to the soul ,what bread is to the body.I have always enjoyed apples and I am trying to eat healthy.Applesweet, tart, juicy red, yellow, green round globesSliced in half, revealing hiddenseed starsI treat myself to milk and cookies thatContinue reading “June 9,2020 Food for Thought”