The Pipes are Calling July 27, 2021

At the sound of bagpipes, Scotsmen rise as one to wave, cheer and clap. The hearts of many a countrymen can be moved to tears. Not this Scottish lass. When I visited Scotland, I looked forward to explore all aspects of my Scottish heritage. We visited castles, cathedrals from the middle ages, kilts and bagpipes.IContinue reading “The Pipes are Calling July 27, 2021”

“Let them eat cake” July 22, 2021

Before the French Revolution, Marie Antoinette was quoted saying to feed the poor with cake. Her limited grasp of French, may have allower her use the wrong word, cake for bread. As a child, my first introduction to French was the confection,”petit fours”. They are small layered cakes one to two inches square. A creamContinue reading ““Let them eat cake” July 22, 2021″

The eagle has Landed, July 20, 2021

Fifty two years ago, Apollo 11 landed on the moon with Neal Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin landing in the Sea of Tranquility. There they readied themselves for the historic walk on the moon. The famous quote of Neal Armstrong still rings in my ears,”One small step for man, One giant leap for mankind”. The barContinue reading “The eagle has Landed, July 20, 2021”

Give Something Away Day, July 15, 2021

Last Sunday, our priest, Father Len, was talking about downsizing for retirement. He was going through his possessions to give some of them away. Today is National Give away something day. You can go through your closet, tools or books to see if there are gently used items to donate to a resale shop. IfContinue reading “Give Something Away Day, July 15, 2021”