Tandeming two hearts working together 1-26-21

As I watch the snow drift down on my porch, I am longing for riding in nature on our tandem. The photo above is my husband , John and myself in bright yellow biking garb standing behind the blue tandem. The orthopedic surgeon allowed me to ride the stationary bike to train for warmer weatherContinue reading “Tandeming two hearts working together 1-26-21”

Disable Hierarchy January 21,2021

In public restrooms, I encounter drama. At a large amusement park, women’s bathrooms are crowded with women lined to use the stalls. No one was using the handicapped stall, so my daughter opened the door for me and resumed her place in line. While I was using the commode, I heard a commotion outside myContinue reading “Disable Hierarchy January 21,2021”

Grandpa Clifford’s Stories

I come by my story telling from my Grandfather Turnbull. Clifford was interested in the ancestry of the Turnbull clan. In his research, he traced the family back to the origins of the Turnbull surname. Cliff traced the migration of the Turnbull’s leaving Scotland from a small fishing village on the eastern shore to sailContinue reading “Grandpa Clifford’s Stories”

Waiting for the Vaccine January 14, 2021

As Tevye stated in “Fiddler on the Roof”, “Send us the cure. We have the disease already!” Waiting for a turn at being vaccinated can be as stressful as the past 10 months. Two companies Pfizer and Moderna, have a vaccine. Johnson and Johnston is close to approval. So why is the vaccine so hardContinue reading “Waiting for the Vaccine January 14, 2021”