Iphone 13 causes a fall. February 22, 2022

Well, it finally happened, my I Phone died. It was slowly going but I helped it along. My blue tooth was disconnecting during use and I had delays launching apps. This didn’t prepare me for no phone service. No problem, right. Just go to the friendly Verizon store for replacements. We found that the phonesContinue reading “Iphone 13 causes a fall. February 22, 2022”

The Joining, February 17,2022

Today is my 30th wedding anniversary. Last week, one of my writing friends wrote a story about her wedding day. My experience was much different than hers. I thought I would share eloping to Las Vegas.I had a large wedding for my first marriage, including the church, bridesmaids, wedding gown and reception. When I wasContinue reading “The Joining, February 17,2022”

Happy B Day Susan, February 15, 2022

Today is the birthday of Susan B. Anthony, abolitionist and suffragette. She was born into a Quaker family in 1820 in Adams Massachusetts. From an early age, Susan distributed anti slavery pamphlets and collected petitions for equal rights for all freemen and slaves. After the civil war , she turned her enegries to work tirelesslyContinue reading “Happy B Day Susan, February 15, 2022”

Interview with P. Fletcher 2-11-22

https://pattysworlds.com/fridays-fantastic-finds-presents-featured-author-of-the-week-carol-farnsworth-interview/ New post on PattysWorld Friday’s Fantastic Finds Presents! Featured Author of the Week, Carol Farnsworth #Interview by Patty Fletcher Hello! This week, “Friday’s Fantastic Finds” takes great pleasure in presenting Carol Farnsworth, author of Leaf Memories. Hello Carol, we’re happy to have you here in Patty’s Worlds today. First, in your own words tell us a little aboutContinue reading “Interview with P. Fletcher 2-11-22”

Two will be One February 10,2022

My brothers will agree with me that our Dad was quite a storyteller. Brian , the youngest brother would add, “and some of his stories were even true!” The following is from my imagination. Bruce did marry my mother, who was a Catholic. Family lore states that Dad’s family wasn’t happy and threatened not toContinue reading “Two will be One February 10,2022”

“You Can’t Say That “February 8, 2022

(Warning some strong language) When I was being trained by the Michigan Dept. of Labor to adapt my skills as a visually challenged person, I met individuals from across Michigan. We had classes, meals and counseling sessions with most of the participants. One young black man didn’t engage with others and at the first ofContinue reading ““You Can’t Say That “February 8, 2022”