Woman’s Equality Day, August 26, 2021

This day was established to commemorate the signing of the nineteenth amendment, guaranteeing women the right to vote. The day, August 26th was designated in 1973 as Women’s Equality Day by Congress to honor women working to pass the Equal Rights Amendment. From President Richard Nixon to the current president, the executive branch has issuedContinue reading “Woman’s Equality Day, August 26, 2021”

Don’t Cross the Bridge August 24, 2021

My Dad told me many stories about growing up and visiting his Grandparents in Delhi, Ontario. My brother, Brian, has been researching many of Dad’s tales. Brian commented, “Dad could tell a great story, and some of them were even true!” Below is a story from Bruce’s youth. It is up to you, the readers,Continue reading “Don’t Cross the Bridge August 24, 2021”

Leaf Memories ,the book August 19, 2021

I would like to tell you about the writing of this book. For the past three years, I have written poetry and submitted them to magazines. Some were accepted, many were not. I learned along the way what some editors wanted for their publications. In June, I purchased a new writing program called, “Voice DreamContinue reading “Leaf Memories ,the book August 19, 2021”

2 Pencils and black cats August 17, 2021

Today is #2 pencil day and black cat appreciation day. I have two stories that link the days. When my daughter was in school, she collected #2 pencils with fancy designs and holiday themes. She would keep them in a vase Selecting a special pencil to use during finals She said that the pencil hadContinue reading “2 Pencils and black cats August 17, 2021”

International Youth Day, August 12, 2021

This day was set aside to highlight cultural and educational issues of the world’s youth. It was established by the United Nations in 1999 and has a new theme each year. This year the theme is working for peace. There are many events in different countries to promote the activities and achievements of youth. Locally,Continue reading “International Youth Day, August 12, 2021”

Long living Plants August 10, 2021

I buy plants each year to place in my container garden. Miniature roses, shasta daisies, lupins and begonias. Herbs of rosemary, lavender , basil, cilantro, sage and dill. A tomato and swiss chard round out the assortment. I expect these to grow and die in the first hard freeze. Sometimes, I try to bring someContinue reading “Long living Plants August 10, 2021”

Sibling Weekend and an Ad, August 5, 2021

This past weekend was an aunnual event in my family. My brother, Brian, opens his cottage to my siblings and spouces for a long weekend on the shores of upper Lake Michigan. This year my deceased brother’s wife Kathy, joined us. The talk revolved around the people no longer at the table. My sister asked,Continue reading “Sibling Weekend and an Ad, August 5, 2021”

Weather, what you hear or what you see, August 3, 2021

This week I heard from my Brazilian sister Adelia. She lives in San Paulo. She emailed to say, It was snowing in that southern city. It is only the third time she has experienced snow, but never in San Paulo. As I listen to the national weather report, I get the indication that all ofContinue reading “Weather, what you hear or what you see, August 3, 2021”