The Yooper Peninsula, October 28, 2021

The upper Peninsula’s nickname is Yooper Country. The land situated between Lake Superior on the North and Lakes Michigan and Huron on the south is far different from the lower peninsula by lifestyle and politics. An independent surrounded by natural beauty and lake shores. I have always found Whitefish Point a wild shoreline ,anchored byContinue reading “The Yooper Peninsula, October 28, 2021”

National Pumpkin Day October 26, 2021

With coolness, there is frost on the pumpkin. Time to smell warming Pumpkin faces lit with candles. The sights of fall. On our bike travels, I have smelled the aroma of pumpkins being cooked and processed for the past two months. On the rails to trails from Montague to Hart MI, there is a largeContinue reading “National Pumpkin Day October 26, 2021”

Typewriter Memories, October 21, 2021

Today, I received my new slim folio from Amazon. I have been waiting over a week to type easily using my I Pad. I was remembering our first typewriter. My Mother had a old Royal. It was big, heavy and totally dependable. I took personal typing the summer before ninth grade. I learned the keyContinue reading “Typewriter Memories, October 21, 2021”

A giveaway and book Review, October 14, 2021

I am sitting here at my desk after finishing a fellow author’s book, “Why Grandma Doesn’t Know Me.” But first , I want to tell you of an opportunity to put your name in for a drawing for my signed chapbook,”Leaf Memories.” Go to Just go to the site of the Handy uncapped penContinue reading “A giveaway and book Review, October 14, 2021”

The Grand Old Bull, October 7, 2021

Today would be my Dad’s 102 birthday. Bruce Loyd Turnbull was a kind Father for five energetic children.   With the boys, he was the coach of their basketball, football and boxing teams. In the fall, he would take them hunting and to explore in Northern Michigan.   He had to come up with differentContinue reading “The Grand Old Bull, October 7, 2021”

Feeling Felted Art October 5, 2021

This October, The APH,”In Sights” art contest is virtual for the second year in a row. On October fifteen, the winning art of blind children and indepdent artist will be displayed and discribed on the American Printing House for the blind website, after five thirty p m eastern time. The art wil be postedContinue reading “Feeling Felted Art October 5, 2021”