April 21 2020 Hopecut stemsforsythiapetals drop, leaves unfurl,roots growthirstily for moisturein vasepeople’sexpectationswhen kept indoors for daysgrowing towards each other’s needswith love.All long to feel the sun’s warmth again.We are told that the virus victims are decreasing and the number of new cases is on the downturn. But how can we believe what we hear in the news and what is not reported.People are drawing their own conclusions and are determining that they will not become sick or worse they think that it won’t affect them and their loved ones.We see demonstrations , long lines at food banks and families with little money to buy necessity’s . We can bring some hope to people in our network. One kind act at a time. Like a pebble dropped into water, concurrent circles are formed and move out from the pebbles entrance. Now what if there are 10, 20, or even 50 pebbles of kindness tossed into the mix. They interact and cause long range reactions. I am advocating being positive while remaining safe while in public. We can cling to the Hope that the corona virus is on the decline and We can return to close social interactions in the future. Hold on a little longer.

April 14 Is this Freedom?

This is Freedom?This week,I opened all the windows to air out the house. Afterwards. I wondered if this was smart idea.these days we question many activities we took for granted.we voluntarily limit our personal freedoms for the sake of others. We, as a nation , are putting life above liberty and the pursuit of happiness.MayContinue reading “April 14 Is this Freedom?”

April 6 2020 Nature is Free People are Not

My husband and I have been riding our tandem bike during the bast 4 weeks. We have passed many bikers, walkers and strollers enjoying nature. The idea of social distancing varies with each group. Many families are together and are close. When passing groups , it is commen to give a verbal greeting and stopContinue reading “April 6 2020 Nature is Free People are Not”

April 2, 2020 How does my Muse Grow?

How does my Muse grow?   In answer to the question,“ Where do poems come from,” this is my answer.   My muse is a garden plot. Before planting the creative seeds that may bloom into poems, I must prepare the soil with reading and meditation on ideas that cross mind mind. I mix the fertilizer ofContinue reading “April 2, 2020 How does my Muse Grow?”

March 31 X marks the spotThis week, while I was shopping, I ran into some more changes in my local market. I was greeted at the door with an offering of an alcohol wipe to use to wipe the shopping cart. As I traveled down each isle, I was told there were signs limiting many items. Paper products, liquid soap, soups and canned meat were limited to two to four items per customer. There was no fresh meat displayed but fresh fish was available. Most of the customers were located in the dairy and fresh vegetable areas. There were few choices of bread products.Of course, Since I am blind, I had to be told about the changes.There were small X’s on the floor to mark a safe distance while waiting in lines. The store that I had shopped in for years was a mine field of new hazards and rules.As I stood on my designated X, I realized I was at a crossroad in my response to this life change. I could go along with each change without complaint or do a positive act to make my small part of the world better.I decided to smile and nod or greet people when I am outside. and for my writing, I will celebrate National Poetry Month in April by writing poems that inspire , entertain and bring a smile to readers.Each of us are at that crossroad. What direction will you take ?

March 24th Distant Socializing

Distant SocializingOn Saturday, I was listening to people from New York and San Francisco about how they were coping with sheltering in place. I heard a father use a term that resonated with me. “Distant Socializing “ or to be precise, Reaching out by the virtual methods of communication that we have . Go throughContinue reading “March 24th Distant Socializing”