James Campbell guest blogger 11/25/2020

Seasons greetings from Odessa, Texas.  This year has been one of many challenges. Never before in our lifetime have we faced the monumental surge of calamities that has been visited on this nation.  The year began in the midst of the impeachment debacle, which finally ground to a halt when the Senate refused to convictContinue reading “James Campbell guest blogger 11/25/2020”

November 26, 2020 Being Thankful

Being Thankful November 24, 2020A couple of days ago, a fellow writer, James Campbell, wrote an essay. It reminded readers that the year 2020 started with impeachment proceedings, accusations of wrong doing by Hunter Biden and finally economic disruptions and life loss due to the Corona Virus. We have had to practice physical and socialContinue reading “November 26, 2020 Being Thankful”

November 24,2020 The Case Of the Stinky Chickens

This appeared in the Newsreel audio magazine this month. I have printed it for your enjoyment.below there is an audio file of me reading the piece. In case you are wondering, this was a true story and I did make little socks with candy this year. The case of the stinky chickensNo, I do notContinue reading “November 24,2020 The Case Of the Stinky Chickens”

November 19, 2020 Personal Choice

We are in the middle of a Virus spike. The health authorities have warned against gathering in large groups for the Thanksgiving celebration. The suggestion to stay home ,or celebrate with just one family.It is short of a mandate ,so most people will gather with some responsibility . This includes me.I have quarantined this week.Continue reading “November 19, 2020 Personal Choice”

A Thanks for a job well done November 17, 2020

The voting is complete. The people have spoken. We as a country are grateful to the poll workers, observers and vote counters that worked long hours to assure a fair election. There is one group that has been overlooked. The United Postal Service.As the Post Master General Louis DeJoy, ordered equipment to be removed andContinue reading “A Thanks for a job well done November 17, 2020”

Happy Armistice Day November 11, 2020

Veteran’s Day or Armistice Day was special in our home. On the original day, my Mother was born. Her father kept the first pages of the three newspapers in Detroit in remembrance. As a child, I saw the papers framed and hanging in our den. I don’t know when Mom arrived into the world, butContinue reading “Happy Armistice Day November 11, 2020”