July 30, 2020 A Bundle of joy or a Barrel of Monkeys

Today is my daughters 28th birthday. This week I have thought about the many memories I share with my husband on being parents. We found we were expecting when we were our late 30’s. After testing we knew we were having a girl. My husband named her after the woman that delivered our mail. RuthContinue reading “July 30, 2020 A Bundle of joy or a Barrel of Monkeys”

July 16, 2020 Beauty of the field

In the past month, there have been several news stories about a four acre plot of perennials planted by a farming family as a living memorial to their deceased family members.The field has become a go to sight for it’s natural beauty. Located between a blueberry field and the country cemetery, it calls locals andContinue reading “July 16, 2020 Beauty of the field”

July 2,2020 Can there Ever be Equality?

As we approach the celebration of our nation’s birth, I wonder if equality is an ideal to strive for.The differences between gender and race are highlighted in the news and social media. But what of the subtle discrimination of age, physical and mental issues. As a deaf/ blind woman, I have had many circumstances thatContinue reading “July 2,2020 Can there Ever be Equality?”