Awkward Moments Day March 18,2012

This date has several celebrations. But I picked awaward moments for it’s universal appeal. I delight in such moments as a teaching tool for the blind to enlighten the visual community. You don’t have to be blind to have embarrassing incidents. But they seen to happen to the blind more often. During this time ofContinue reading “Awkward Moments Day March 18,2012”

What we say, how we say it March 4, 2021

Today is National Grammer Day. It was established in 2008 by Martha Brockenbrook , a school teacher sought to promote good grammer in her student’s speech and writing. The day was Nationalized by President George W. Bush . What is language without the rules of grammer. They are the framework for understanding each other’s wordsContinue reading “What we say, how we say it March 4, 2021”